Workout Journal

Image of people working out

Keep track of progress with a personal Workout Journal

If you work out, it is always good practice to keep a journal, so you can keep track of your results over a given period of time. Many people will have a note pad, where they put everything down. But if you go to the gym and forget the note pad, then it might be difficult to memorize everything, so you can put it down in your workout journal. But for using this workout journal all you need is your smart phone with an internet connection, which you take everywhere with you anyway.

Before you begin

If you have not signed up yet, then you will need to do that first.

If you have signed up, then you need to log in. Just click or tap on the Login.

Last but not least, you need to define Exercises, that you are going to use. You can see how to do that in the article below. The exercises you define are not for one workout only. They can be used in other workouts.

How to create your own list of Exercises

  1. In the navigation bar, click on Exercises
  2. Name your exercise, e.g. Push-Ups, Bicep Curl, etc.
  3. Choose type
    • Strength - Exercise that involves weight lifting.
    • Cardio - Cardio vascular exercise such as jogging
  4. Choose goal (If you chose the type : Strength , then leave this at Repetitions)
    • Repetitions - Time how many repetitions you can do within a certain period of time.
    • Distance - Time how long a distance you can traverse in a certain period of time (e.g. Joggin, Sprinting, etc.)


  1. To start a workout just click on Start Workout
  2. Now give you workout a name and select an exercise that you want to start out with. Press Start
  3. In the top left corner is an editable field with the name of the workout. In the figure below the name of the workout is Go jogging in the park. In the left column below the name you will see the name of the exercise that you chose to start out with. In the illustraition below the name of the exercise is jogging. Now you will probebly want to start jogging and time how long it took you to run a certain distance. To do that press on Edit, that is in the column next to the name of the exercise.
    Image of page for editting workout
  4. Now you see a new page as illustrated below.
    Image of page for editting workout
    You can use the timer to time it. Once you finish running, stop the timer, enter the distance and press on Add
  5. Now you see that this set has been documented. And you can proceed to the next one.
    Image of page for editting workout
  6. If you want to keep the screen on during exercising, just turn on Keep SCREEN AWAKE check-box.